Calibrate On-site; On Demand
“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand opinions” – Grace Murray Hopper
by Xercsis Marker
The van has been designed to fulfil the stringent environmental conditions that are essential for in-house calibration labs.

At Godrej Calibration Services, our mission is to offer an outstanding customer experience of calibration services, hence, we direct all our efforts towards upholding the exemplary legacy of the Godrej group.

Our Laboratory

We have one of the finest and largest laboratories in India. Godrej Calibration Services, a NABL-accredited calibration laboratory conforms to ISO 17025 standards. In addition to our wide range of calibration services, our diverse scope of work comprises thermal calibration, hardness calibration, radio frequency calibration, dimension calibration, pressure calibration, EMI/EMC calibration, mass calibration, volume calibration, and flow calibration among others. We cater to over 20 industries, including healthcare, textile, petrochemical, railway, mining, energy, and aerospace to name a few. Furthermore, we are spread across the country with labs and satellite offices in many cities where we offer an array of facilities, along with calibration services.

The Need

On surveying our customers, we found out that a large volume of customers face problems in sending their instruments for calibration, and with this insight, we created the Mobile Calibration Lab Service.

Mobile Calibration Lab Service

In May 2021, we launched a new Mobile Calibration Lab Service across all southern states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. This service caters to industries such as Automobile, Aerospace, and Manufacturing, which have many measuring instruments and equipment requiring high-precision calibration. This lab offers up to 20 services on the go. This initiative provides mobile calibration services through a custom-built calibration van that houses a plethora of calibration instruments and equipment. The van has been designed to fulfil the stringent environmental conditions that are essential for in-house calibration labs. Care is also taken to ensure the lowest possible vibrations, thus maintaining the accuracy of instruments and calibration. The mobile lab is temperature and humidity controlled and is staffed with qualified lab technicians.

Once you opt for this service, our experts will visit your facility to calibrate, and certify your instruments and equipment, on-site, with an assurance of minimal downtime. The aim is to improve operational efficiency and give a significant boost to the client’s productivity. We aim to ensure customer satisfaction of the highest degree. Our customers benefit immensely as this on-site service reduces the turnaround time for the calibration of dimensional instruments that cannot be transported, and which need on-the-spot calibration. This service eliminates the process of transfer of equipment while ensuring immediate, with minimal loss of productive time, availability of the calibrated instruments and equipment. We aim to be a one-stop solution for our clients for maintaining their instruments and equipment at the highest possible level of accuracy.

Our mobile laboratory is one of the very few laboratories in India with an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

This NABL-accredited mobile lab largely offers value-added services at the doorstep of discerning customers – a key differentiator. All this makes our mobile calibration lab, a unique facility in terms of its scope and approach.

Tool for Managing Instruments

Our instrument management tool is equally versatile and comprises an extensive database of instruments, their types, serial numbers, and other essential details. The tool also guarantees that users have 24x7 online access to the relevant certificates associated with the same. In closing, we would like to affirm that customer convenience and delight are always at the core of our products and services. We have created this offering to be of the highest quality and hope to provide our services to customers across the automobile, aerospace, and manufacturing industries thus helping them maintain precision in their critical measuring tools without having to send their tools to the labs for calibration.