POWERDRIVE – Motorized space Optimizers
FROM Godrej interio

Space-saving solutions are in high demand because of the ever-increasing prices of office spaces. Traditionally, manual mobile shelving solutions like Optimizers have helped reduce space requirements for document storage by less than half. With offices becoming progressively paperless, keeping space only for important documents becomes a priority. Hence, optimizers are now finding their rightful place in office workspaces. The PowerDrive caters to this need by creating an aesthetic, elegant, and simple; one-touch operating functional office storage in the main office space itself. One of the most advanced methods of operating heavy loads with sophisticated motors and electronics is integrated into the PowerDrive. It uses innovative technology to transmit power from one mobile unit to another through a concealed cable system. It also uses a DC power supply which eliminates a rare chance of an electric shock due to cable exposure. The interface design is simple and intuitive with a touch panel. Only the icons necessary for the current state of operation are visible and accessible to the user. These features reduce the cognitive load on the users and make the product easy to use for anyone. The PowerDrive matches the strength and robustness of the manual optimizers. Each motorized unit can store and move loads up to 4.8 tonnes. Each shelf is designed to carry 100kgs of uniform load. These heavy-duty units move on tracks fixed on a rigid platform. The platform is also designed to eliminate the traditional need to grout rails into the floor. Further, what makes the PowerDrive unique is its fail-safe operational and safety algorithms. When a user enters an aisle, the sensors detect the presence of the user and automatically lock the units until the user exits and presses “Unlock” on the respective touch panel. For a hard stop, an easily accessible “STOP” symbol is provided for further safety. Each motor is programmed to stop instantly once it senses any additional pushing load of a rigid object. It can be operated only after a load of rigid experience objects is removed and ‘Reset’ is made operational.