RenTRUST Creating an Edge with CRM
To serve customers better, digitalize in depth!
by Gunjan Bhargava
Godrej Material Handling
The LOB is growing 21% year on year for the last five years despite the pandemic.

In the past few years, there have been rapid changes in the ways the businesses are conducted. Traditional methods of sales & customer relationship management (CRM) are no longer adequate and there is an urgent need for upgradation as well as finding efficient and effective newer ways to be close to the customers. RenTRUST is a line of business of Godrej Material Handling that rents out material handling equipment. It offers various services such as an assortment of equipment on rent, providing operating and maintenance crews and so on.

Customized solutions are offered in the best interest of the clients after an in-depth study of the requirements.

This LOB is growing 21% year on year for the last five years despite the Covid- 19 Pandemic. CRM, an acronym for customer relationship management, is any technology or strategy that is designed to help businesses improve their relationships with customers. It is a tool that allows businesses to focus on the individual customer while having the capability of doing business with all the customers in the database. With the modernization of the CRM software, the shift accomplished is from contract management software to sales force automation (SFA). Many service providers are offering different suites of services for more focused marketing efforts, greater ability to address individual customer issues, and an improved level of automation. This has led to increased efficiency and enhanced ROI. With internet of things (IOT) and cloud computing, the required information can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the internet.

Salesforce.com (SFDC) offers a wide range of CRM options to meet the needs including sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud and so on.

Each cloud is having a separate functionality that fulfills the need of the current markets to digitally manage customers quickly, consistently, efficiently and effectively. The approach of creating contacts starts with creating an account with all customer details like the name, address codes, locations, customer users and contact details, PAN number and the like. A lead is created when a journey of the enquiry starts with Godrej. It captures requirement details, lead source, executing branch, LOB details and so on. The CRM allows the user to carry out tasks and update the status as new, contacted, working, unqualified and converted within the system to confirm the action and keep the stakeholders updated. Qualifying leads are converted into opportunity with a link to account as well as lead and opportunity specific fields, status like inquiry, application study, offer, demo, negotiation/review, or closure. The final stage is the creation of a quote for submission to the customer. SFDC has standard modules and out of the box solutions to customize offerings which makes it more user friendly, allowing the developers to develop applications to meet the needs.

Godrej RenTRUST has specifically customized the CRM to best meet the demands keeping in mind the end user requirements while making it simple and easy for the users.

The RenTRUST journey in SFDC initiates with an account creation followed by lead generation. An opportunity is created for a qualifying lead which is a customized screen which captures RenTRUST specific details like sector, type of business, competitor details etc. These extra fields are the support system and this information helps the managers in strategizing the action plan for the future. The system has the capability to attach the documents and attach products to the opportunity from the price book. RenTRUST price book is specially designed keeping in mind the sales personas, equipment, attachments and location specific crew details. When a quote is generated, the system itself triggers a special price request sanction as per the hierarchy based on the type of requirement and all sanctions are within the system. On approval from the approvers, the quote pdf is generated for sending to the customer. During the negotiations, salespersons have the functionality at hand to provide discounts on an item, product line or the total amount quoted. SFDC has a reports and dashboard view, which permits any user to create and use self-made customized reports for monitoring and decision making. SFDC also has a powerful search engine known as ‘Einstein Search’ which allows the user to search any information by using keywords. RenTRUST has also customized the cloud, to get real-time status of the ready, available assets in three depots from which it operates. The sales user while creating an opportunity could see the availability of the assets and can commit the deliverables accordingly. The system fetches the data from the direct link making it real time.

‘Pardot’ of SFDC is a B2B marketing automation solution which connects marketing with sales by automating marketing activities.

Pardot has proved to be a great tool to generate more leads, engage buyers through dynamic & personalized campaigns, understanding user interactions with the campaigns, making data driven decisions and developing account-based marketing strategy. RenTRUST is using Pardot since the inception of SFDC at G&B. A campaign was run using the account pertaining to the MHE within SFDC and we received useful analytics for the campaign. The system has the feasibility to upload the prospects database and run a campaign making it flexible and suitable. Pardot also provides predefined email templates which enable us to design emails inhouse with a professional, engaging look. It allows the users to assign a score to each of the activities that would be performed by the prospect. Once a campaign is run, a scoreboard is displayed for the potential prospects providing filtered data to the users making it focused and efficient.

Another key factor that makes the adoption of SFDC easy, is its capability of being fully functional on mobile phones from anywhere.

It allows the users to stay up to date, manage leads, pursue opportunities, and collaborate with coworkers. SFDC puts all the information at the fingertips of the users through their hand-held devices via notifications and sanctions on the go. After the rollout of the SFDC at RenTRUST, we are capturing ‘moments of truth’ concerning the stakeholders to understand the efficacy of the implementation of the system. The users can engage easily with the system because of the ease of use, on the go access on a mobile or laptop, ease of monitoring with reports and dashboards and timely communication. The data is also managed efficiently, integration is feasible and the visibility and transparency are of a high level which makes the system a good match for the requirements of the new normal. This is not all, but there are still many more functionalities which can be brought to play as we become skilled at using the system. At RenTRUST, we are committed to utilizing full capabilities of the system effectively and reap greater gains in the near future.