Progressing Holistically
"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better." - Pat Riley
By Anup Mathew
Godrej Construction

3DCP Bus Shelter, Vikhroli

GC is amongst the first in India to adopt the LEAN Construction methodology for overall productivity enhancement, predictable planning and waste reduction on project sites.

EfQM Business Excellence Model defines an outstanding organization by its purpose that inspires, its vision that is aspirational, and its strategy, that delivers. Godrej Construction (GC) team has made conscious efforts, nearly for a decade to continually improve its systems, processes, and the way of doing business with an aim to exceed the expectations of all its stakeholders and deliver superior business performance. All these efforts have resulted in Godrej Construction winning the prestigious CII EXIM BANK BUSINESS EXCELLENCE Award for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. GC has been awarded this honour in recognition of its team’s ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ and the highest level of scores attained in each of the 7 parameters of the EfQM Business Excellence Model 2020. The recognition for the second year in succession has been primarily for our continued efforts towards building and promoting a more sustainable built environment in our endeavour to create a better future.

In the citations of the awards, Godrej Construction has been recognized for:

Values of Integrity, Respect, Trust, Environment Stewardship, Customer Centricity, and Entrepreneurship

End-to-end customer engagement processes- Transparent customer relationships

Project management systems and Supply chain processes

Environment-friendly practices such as recycling of construction waste and debris, developing of environment preserving construction materials and so on

Development of real-time apps for efficient and seamless working

Conservation of mangroves and carbon sequestration

Active pursuit of new technologies for decarbonization to reduce the carbon footprint of building materials

LEAN Construction practices.

GC focusses sharply on a few areas described below to deliver, consistently superior business performance and meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Customer Centricity

The Real Estate and Construction Industry is known for its inherent ‘trust deficit’. The industry has a low reputation when it comes to maintaining transparency with its customers. In alignment with G&B’s values, GC started the 3rd Party Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS), in 2010, conducted by Nielsen, an independent agency to set a new trend in the industry. Based on the feedback from CSS, GC has been taking multiple initiatives across all three of its LOBs and implementing practices that are aligned better with customer centricity. These efforts at all GC LOBs over the years have helped them achieve ‘Best-in-Class’ Nielsen eQ average scores across industries. Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for all GC LOBs are comparable to a few of the global companies in diverse sectors. This is based on our benchmark with the published study of Retently & XM Institute.

End to End customer engagement processes enables the GC team at various levels to proactively identify and take actions to alleviate any concerns that may be arising from any of the key stakeholders.

Keeping in view, the difficulties faced by our customers in Construction Materials LOB, GC introduced a mobile application named GODREJ Go TUFF App for a seamless and hassle-free experience from the order to delivery phases of the ‘Construction Materials industry. This mobile app is being enhanced continually.

Project Delivery

Delays in project deliveries and cost overruns are major challenges associated with the Indian Real Estate and Construction industry. In cognizance of such industry trends, GC has adopted a pragmatic approach to identify the challenges during the execution of projects. GC has implemented collaborative Project Management Tools and deployed various technologies for managing projects efficiently. GC is amongst the first in India to adopt the LEAN Construction methodology for overall productivity enhancement, predictable planning and waste reduction on project sites.The implementation of Lean Construction has helped GC in successful execution and commissioning of our projects by:

Smooth process flow for efficient project delivery

Early flag-off to arrest the potential delays, constraints, and elimination of non-value-adding activities.

5S implementation for enhancing safety and reducing rework.

Inclusive culture for higher team morale

The adoption of customer-centric approaches for superior customer experience and improved relationships with our stakeholders.

These practices were implemented for the construction of the industrial park project at Khalapur. G&B’s ultra-mega project under the Maharashtra Industrial Policy 2013, which is spread across 300 acres of land with an estimated built-up construction area of 3.3 million sq. ft, is to be built in two phases. Lean methodologies were deployed in phase I, which was spread across a 1.7 million sq. ft. built-up area. GC decided to drive Lean to the next level, from design management to project delivery, to ensure effective handling of multiple stakeholder expectations. Having gained a better understanding of certain Lean principles, the organization implemented lean methodology on its next project - the construction of Godrej Platinum High Rise Towers, Mumbai. Construction of Godrej Platinum Towers B1, B2, B3 and B4 - from the early stages of project.

Safe Work Practices

The construction industry is one of the most prone to accidents hence Godrej takes utmost care to ensure the safety of all stakeholders involved.

Right from the design stage to post handing over of premises to the customer, safety is a primary focus.

We have used the latest OHS practices in the Fall Arrest system, Man & Material Movement, Training, Awareness, etc. Self-climbing Safety Net, Safety Net at every 5 floors, Covering of all Ducts & Openings with scrap reinforcement grill and netting, and third party safety audits. Most importantly to prevent accidents, we have instituted a process for early detection and address of hazards at work sites. Godrej Construction leveraged the power of mobile applications by introducing one-of-a-kind app and making them a part of the work process. Godrej ‘iReport’ App is used to ensure the safety of the workers. It identifies the potential hazards and highlights near-miss incidents. These initiatives helped us prevent accidents during the entire execution stage of the project which involved over 5 million safe working man hours. GC has won 40+ Safety Awards from the National Safety Council of India consecutively for the last 11 years.

Responsible Construction

Over the years, GC has undertaken multiple initiatives toward responsible and sustainable construction.

Three of our Ready-Mix Concrete Plants (RMC) plants have been commended with the GreenPro certification from Indian Green Building Council. Godrej Construction is one of the first in India to obtain this certification for its RMC plants.

Our products such as TUFF Recycled Concrete Blocks and AAC Blocks have also been Green Pro certified by Indian Green Building Council. Some of these initiatives include establishing an automated recycled concrete materials manufacturing plant in Mumbai. This industrial plant manufactures concrete blocks for wall and pavers using concrete debris recycled from demolishing concrete structures from building and infrastructure projects, which would otherwise end up in already overflowing city landfills. In India, concrete debris is a major waste stream in overall C&D waste generated.

We have recycled over 28,000 metric tons of concrete debris by implementing circular economy principles in our construction material line of business.

The recycled concrete material from this plant is also used to construct customized prefabricated concrete products, such as box culverts and ducts, which are being used for the metro-rail project and the coastal road project in Mumbai. Our ready-mix concrete (RMC) plant, RMC Plant, and the common areas of the Godrej Business District building in Mumbai are now powered by 100% renewable energy. GC is one of the first in the RMC industry to switch to 100% green energy.

Deployment of New Technologies

Godrej Construction recently partnered with Tvasta, an indigenous start-up founded by IIT-Madras alumni, to develop a Bus Shelter using 3D printing technology. To promote the adoption of circular economy principles in the construction industry, Godrej Construction, along with Tvasta, has developed, for the first time, a very sustainable concrete mix design comprising approximately 30 percent recycled concrete aggregates (RCA), sourced from concrete waste debris, recycled at the Godrej Recycled Concrete Plant in Mumbai. We recently completed our second project, India's first 3D Printed Security Pavilion. This pavilion was meticulously designed, engineered, manufactured and erected by deploying a fully automated Robotic Arm 3D Printer. This Security Pavilion is thoughtfully designed and developed to be climate-responsive. It is designed to offer optimal comfort and, a unique visual appeal and experience to visitors entering the Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Campus through Gate No. 7, located along Eastern Express Highway at Vikhroli, Mumbai. Godrej Construction and Tvasta aim to pioneer 3DCP technology to develop appropriate sustainable infrastructure projects, housing solutions, disaster relief structures, national defence-related applications, and other public amenities in India and globally.


Godrej & Boyce pioneered the Green Building movement in India along with the CII. All our new building construction projects are designed and developed to conform to Green Building Principles. Like Pirojshanagar at Vikhroli, the development at Khalapur has been planned to conform to the principles of sustainable development with minimal adverse environmental impact. The designs of plants, other structures, and the surroundings were developed to conform to the requirements of the framework for rating Green Buildings and Factories.

The design stage incorporation of Green building principles has enabled us to secure a ‘Pre-Certified Platinum Rating’ from the Indian Green Building Council, even before the start of any work on the ground.

In consonance with our purpose of Pioneering Progress For Generations, we now commit ourselves to develop solutions in the future that will underscore pioneering progress for sustainable built environments in India.