A culture of collaborative teamwork fosters improved performance at all levels.
by Indrapal Singh (Editor),
Nalini Kala (Edit Board), Gillian Dennett (Edit Board)

In this issue of CHANGE, we share stories about improvements made in the core or enabling areas of both business and corporate levels. We also share stories of turnarounds at various levels - and taken collectively, these stories give us an overview of how performance is being improved, process by process, at G&B.
In alignment to the theme, we have several stories that tell us about improvements in performance achieved by our businesses. Raghavendra, of E&E, tells us all about the significant changes made by his team in vital processes to make the business more customer-focused and profitable. At Godrej Storage Solutions, the team developed a new capability of handling volatility in steel prices and its availability.
The Interio team developed a system to maintain effectively, high tech, fully automated machines – a capability that may prove valuable in the intensifying digital age. These stories drive home an important message — that processes must be improved continually to survive and thrive. The Godrej Security Solutions team shares with us how they won their largest single order for safes and executed it successfully in a record time of 180 days. Likewise, we also have stories of significant improvements made in the areas of cyber security, our corporate website, e-waste management and the like. Also, we have shared some stories of frontline people who have performed exceedingly well in FY 2021-22, which, we are sure will inspire our people at the frontline to aim even higher this year.
Godrej Archives recently launched a unique book, ‘From the Frugal to the Ornate – Stories of the seat in India’ authored by Sarita Sundar. Kaivan Mehta reviews the book and Shweta Sawant tells us all about the launch events at Bengaluru and Mumbai.
Besides the above, we have many general interest articles like 'Once Again Niveditha Makes us Proud' by Girija Sarvanan, ‘Good Digital Habits’ by Bismita, ‘From Pharmaceutical to Farmaceutical’ by Shefali Gala. Our launchpad section showcases recently introduced new products. Please read and mull over these stories individually or collectively and get inspired to make similar improvements in order to drive up performance and build new capabilities.

Happy Reading and Greetings for the festive season!