Our Super Performers of FY'22
They Soared High, Despite the Odds.
Godrej Locks

Shubham and Roshwyn are Assistant Managers in Engineering Automation area at GLAFS manufacturing plant, Madkai, Goa. As a part of the Strategic Business Plan, GLAFS business had decided to drive digitalization across manufacturing functions. One of the critical initiatives was to digitalize the Production Monitoring System (PMS). Overall equipment effectiveness is tracked by PMS. We wanted to develop a complete solution in-house. A cross functional team (CFT) was formed, and the initiative was driven by two young engineers, Shubham, who has expertise in software development and database management and Roshwyn, who has specialized in integrated circuit design and programming. These young engineers showed their mettle by learning new skills and applying their knowledge under the guidance of Mr. Ganraj Chari – Sr. Manager Automation, who heads the Low-Cost Automation department and contributed to effective concept development, cost optimization through compact PCB and system implementation. The R&D phase included the identification of cost effective IOT based hardware, signal capturing and transmitting techniques, proto development, and reliability testing. Many challenges like signal capturing from various machines, compact and cost-effective PCB design, and efficient software development were encountered. The team brainstormed and overcame every challenge. This system provides features like live monitoring, report generation, graphical and auto emails to improve the OEE. The cost of implementation was only 5000 per machine and as on end FY 2022, 127 machines have been installed with the requisite sensors and software. The report generated is live and detailed, which enables the team to analyse segment-wise loses and take corrective actions. Thus, we have achieved a 20% rise in OEE post implementation. The plan is to have an additional 150 machines installed with sensors / hardware and software in FY 2023.

Godrej Process Equipment

Over the years, Hemant has played a stellar role in helping PED achieve various milestones, concerning criticality, technologies as well as sizes and shapes of equipment. One such equipment was the uniquely shaped Polypropylene Reactor which had a dome of 9-metre diameter at the top connected through a conical section to a cylindrical shell of 5.79-metre diameter at the bottom, having a total length of 47 meters, weighing about 540 tons.

Hemant led a team of designers to design and help fabricate this equipment out of high-strength carbon steel, while adhering to ASME international code and stringent client specifications.

In addition to the designing the equipment for various design conditions such as pressure, temperature, structural and wind/seismic loadings, the team carried out finite-element analyses of various critical sections. The team also devised an arrangement for hydrostatic testing of the equipment which weighed 1700 tonnes when filled with water. A special shipping arrangement was also designed considering the unusual shape of the equipment. Hemant led the team for a successful completion of the order besides developing processes and design workflow – a dossier of knowledge, a new capability, to enable the business to execute similar critical equipment orders in the future and becoming a fabricator of choice, globally.
To boost overall productivity of our business, it is essential to optimize the utilization of the fabrication shop. Open Fabrication Yards (OFY) provide fabricators a much- needed leverage for optimizing the shop capacity by making it possible to fabricate massive equipment vertically in OFYs as against horizontally in the fabrication shops. PED commissioned its first OFY of size 240 m X 24 m, at Dahej on 30th July 2021. The yard has a gantry crane which has the capacity to lift 300MT with a clearance of 20 m under the hook. In January 2022, the OFY was extended by an additional 256 m X 28 m, engaging a 100 MT crawler crane and 80MT mobile crane. Under the leadership of Anuj, six mega equipment weighing a total of 2289 MT and valued at about 75 crores have been manufactured so far in the OFY. Some of the noteworthy equipment are the LC MAX VACUUM TOWER , weight 689 MT and dia -9.6m , the PP REACTOR, weight 536 MT with dome dia of 8.9m and PRODUCT PURGE BIN, weight 300 MT and dia 9.4 m. To accomplish the above, Anuj and his team braved the gruelling work conditions of the OFY and delivered a monumental success, ushering in a new chapter in PED’s manufacturing prowess.


The OFY is undoubtedly a new pathway for PED’s growth in the coming years.

Ganesh heads PED’s paint shop at its Vikhroli plant. As a first for the business, an order from a leading private oil refinery of India, required the paint shop to carry out the application of Plasite 7122 VTF. Plasite 7122 VTF is a PTFE lining which is used to obtain surface properties that reduce products sticking and bridging. This calls for meticulous surface preparation, prior to the application of the coating. Also, the film thickness and continuity must be maintained. Full curing, a degree of smoothness and uniformity of the coating finish are amongst the critical conditions for the acceptance of coating. The major challenge was coating the inside of the equipment– specifically on the internal flow cones. The sloping profile not only posed a hurdle in the paint application process but was also a safety challenge. Ganesh, spearheaded an R&D effort and developed an elaborate methodology for applying the 300–400-micron thick coating on the 4.5 m diameter equipment covering an area of over 350 sq.m. The soundness of the coating was ascertained by carrying out Holiday Tests. The paint shop team under Ganesh’s leadership completed the coating application within a stringent time frame, complying to the customer’s quality requirements.

This success has reaffirmed PEDs commitment to scaling new challenges for meeting ever evolving requirements of its customers.

Sugriv and Sandeep are in-charge of shopfloors at PED’s Pirojshanagar and Dahej plants, respectively. Questioning the status quo is a key requirement for building a thriving business. One such initiative of PED was to examine the feasibility of the concept of ‘Work Centre’ in heavy fabrication shop. ‘Work Centre’ is a logical location where “equipment, people and material” required to carry out specific tasks on the shop floor are made available. A work centre aims to minimize material handling, prevent bottlenecks, and machine interferences. It also enhances flexibility and optimises shopfloor space utilisation, besides minimizing machine and equipment wear and tear. Sugriv & Sandeep were tasked with the pilot implementation of the work centre concept. Both of them and their teams set out to educate all involved with facts and figures to help them understand the concept and secure their buy-ins for the acceptance of a new way of working. Feedback from every individual involved was taken and the concerns expressed were registered and addressed. The outcome was a stellar success in the form of the acceptance of the work center concept which resulted in a reduction of safety hazards by 70%, an increase of productivity by 25%, a reduction in material handling time by 50%, a reduction in weld defect ratio to 0.7% as against 2.0% and a drop in machine breakdown time of shell preparation department to 1.8% from 4.4% earlier.

Challenging the status quo, Sugriv & Sandeep overcame all resistance to change and demonstrated PED’s ability to adapt and evolve.

Devidas Thorat
Godrej Security Solutions,
Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli.

Godrej Security Solutions

Devidas leads the Design team to come up with some breakthrough solutions which helped the GSS BU achieve substantial cost savings year-on-year. In 2019, due to a shrinking market and aggressive competition, the bottomline for GSS had started dwindling, creating tremendous pressure for bringing the business back on track. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns had made things worse for the BU. At that time, we had no option but to overcome all obstacles through our strong determination, teamwork and sustained hard work.

The key factors which helped the BU in its turnaround journey was through reduction in Fixed Costs and Variable Costs.

It was essential for the Product Management Team to explore avenues for reduction in Bill of Materials (BOM) cost as well as processing costs, to improve Variable Contribution (VC). All this was to be achieved without compromising on the design elements. The design team took up several projects to improve VC in fast-moving products. The PMO framework was deployed and augmented with various tools such as Brain-storming, Value-Engineering, Leveraging of Technology, Innovation, Kaizen and Bench-marking. A breakthrough solution was developed by creating a unique combination of high strength concrete and steel reinforcements, such that the barrier could be filled in readily, but not damaged easily during attacks.

This one project alone resulted in a cost saving of Rs 4.30 Crores per annum.

We have also applied for a patent for this unique barrier reinforcement. The second challenge was to develop a solution that was essentially the same in terms of materials, processes and machinery requirements, but was substantially cost effective. A breakthrough solution was developed after extensive brain-storming and trials that involved proportion optimisation, i.e. combining the same basic elements in newer proportions for having the desired strength against attacks. This recipe change for Strong Room Doors alone, gave us a recurring annual saving of Rs 1.50 Crores. Besides the various tools, we had deployed quick proto-typing, verification through in-house testing and then finally, certification through external agencies. The journey of decreasing our Variable Cost continues with many more projects in the pipeline.

Godrej Storage Solutions

Rohit Jain is Associate Chief Manager managing Gujarat, Daman, Diu, Dadra, Nagar, Haveli region. In the FY 2021-’22, he achieved billed sales of 36 Cr which was 20% above plan - a growth of 165% over the previous year. He could achieve this high performance by winning business from major customers such as United Phosporus, Aarti Industries, Zydus, Intas, Alembic and Adani group. His achievement in billed sales would not have been possible, but for a strong focus on channel sales, where he clocked a growth of 40% over the previous year to reach Rs 15 crores in FY 2021- ‘22. Rohit could achieve this feat despite tough competition by local manufacturers. From the pharma sector, Rohit secured a sizeable business by providing Mobile Pallet Racking solutions and making a major contribution to Life Cycle Services (LCS) business.

He could do all of the above by being an early entrant in the purchase cycle, differentiating our solutions successfully and making customers opt for the offerings of Godrej Storage Solutions, which are undoubtedly superior, technically and in quality.

Sandeep Verma is Deputy General Manager managing Delhi, Haryana, UP, Uttarakhand and Nepal region. In the FY 2021-‘22, Sandeep clocked billed sales of 88 crs which was 52% above the plan – a growth of 150% over the previous year. The hall mark of his achievement has been winning of new accounts for bolstering business. Sandeep made major break-through into accounts such as e- commerce player - Grofers, Seabird logistics, National Thermal Power Corporation and in Nepal, M/S Thermodynamic Engineers & Black box. He also enhanced the business by developing the dealer network for having about 60% of the business from the dealers, which is Rs51 crores, about 325 % more, over the previous year. Amongst many challenges that he successfully overcame, was the challenge of customer perception that storage systems belong to commodity class of products. He altered this perception by thoroughly studying storage needs and emphasizing on the durability of the solution for providing post order services.

By emphasizing storage solutions as a long term investment, he managed to ward off competition that was competing on lower prices alone.

Rajesh Bhowmik is Associate General Manager. In the FY 2021- ‘22, he has achieved billed sales of 167 crores which were about 67% above plan and 167% more than the previous year. The secrets behind this outstanding achievement are: Winning new accounts: PN Writer was a competitor account. After a gap of 6 years, this account was won with an order of 14.4 cr for their requirement across 8 locations. Brainbee was also won after a gap of 5 years with a preferred vendor status for GSS. Order worth 32 crores was received from Brainbee. Maximising our share in the key accounts’ overall buy: In D-mart, Rajesh has been able to hold on to the account with almost 100% business coming to GSS for last 4 consecutive years. Similarly in DHL, he has been able to get more than 70% of their orders.

This was possible only by understanding customer requirements thoroughly knowing the competitor’s products in great detail and co-creating solutions by involving customers deeply.

Even in ‘no business’ years, he has always kept contact with customers, keeping them abreast of the developments of our end and sensing in advance, the development at their end, so that whenever the requirements come up, he would be the first one to enter the fray for winning the business.