Godrej Eon Magnus Dishwashers
From Godrej appliances
Now, smaller families too, can save time and effort

The pandemic has altered consumer lives in many ways whether it’s work from home or school from home or the need for more hygiene and safety. As a result, automation of daily household chores is finding favour with consumers across socio-economic classes. As an offshoot of the above trend, the dishwasher category is increasingly getting accepted by consumers during the pandemic and growing at an unprecedented rate in the last two years. Dishwashing has been always viewed as one of the most time and effort consuming household chores. With home isolation and absence of househelps, the demand for dishwashers registered an estimated growth of about 70%+ during the pandemic. However, consumers are still grappling with lingering concerns when it comes to the adoption of dishwashers. As the bulk of India resides in nuclear families today and with living in apartments spreading fast, it is a challenge to fit a regular dishwasher because of its size into smaller kitchens. Also, smaller families question the very need of having the regular-sized dishwasher given their limited dishwashing needs. To address these concerns, Godrej Appliances has introduced its new compact dishwasher. It fits on the counter-top easily, without occupying any floor space. The Godrej Eon Magnus Counter-Top Dishwasher is an 8 place-setting compact model that can wash all the regular dishes of families with 2 – 3 members. This dishwasher, though small, comes loaded with features such as: Intensive 70°C germ free wash program for normal to heavily soiled dishes with dried food; Lite 90 for normally soiled dishes needing a quick wash; Quick 35 for lightly soiled loads that don’t need drying; Delicate for lightly soiled crockery and glassware; silent wash, 2 spray levels; higher drying efficiency; delay start for up to 24 hours, interior lighting, and easy-to-use control panel. This dishwasher has an in-built heater and anti-bacterial filter that gives a hygienic and squeaky-clean wash. Also, Godrej countertop dishwashers can be operated in an eco-wash mode which uses as little as 8 litres of water per wash cycle. This fact demolishes a common perception that dishwashers consume a lot of water!

Godrej Eon Magnus Dishwasher is available in two colours - Silky Silver and Silky Black - and comes with a two-year comprehensive warranty. It conforms to Godrej’s Good & Green philosophy and has A+ rating as per international European standards.