One Big Idea!
“The hedgehog knows only one thing but he wins ultimately.”
by S.M. Vaidya
Godrej Aerospace
Going for this one big idea will prove to be a game-changer for Godrej Aerospace and help create a brighter future for G&B.

According to me, the big idea that we at Godrej Aerospace would like to pursue is:

‘To enhance our workforce productivity to the levels achievable by deploying robots in a big way.’

The thought behind this idea is to improve human productivity multifold by using all possible aids such as tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, templates, low-cost automation and robots in operations, wherever absolutely essential. Our ERP system will become a foundation that would support digitization and the use of IoT on a larger scale. Also, all manufacturing systems including quality assurance and documentation systems will be automated as required. On the softer side, all managers must strive to create a work culture that is inspiring and enabling around work centers. I believe not imagined hitherto high levels of productivity can be achieved by aligning all our people-related policies and practices to the requirements of this big idea. This idea needs to be pursued to make Godrej Aerospace globally competitive, capable of winning sizably large business from major players such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Saffran and others. The new levels of productivity will create a sustainable business, creating higher levels of human employment that can set in motion a virtuous cycle of higher prosperity for all, through higher disposable incomes leading to higher consumption, which will then lead to higher growth of businesses and so on. I believe this idea can become a reality in three years by implementing it in a focused manner with the full involvement of the corporate departments and higher management. All policy and resource constraints need to be identified so that they are eliminated. To demonstrate the doability of the idea, I would like to take a process and make improvements on the above lines to find the challenges to be overcome. If required, we would take expert help. I would like to incentivize the outcomes to make our people rally around the idea. The entire exercise can be done with an investment recoverable in less than three years. I can kickstart this journey in about eight weeks of receiving the commitments for making this idea a success. Going for this one big idea will prove to be a game-changer for Godrej Aerospace and help create a brighter future for G&B.