Striking an ‘Upbeat’ Note with Personalized & Vibrant Work Desks
Are the Upbeat solutions cost-effective? The answer is a resounding ‘YES!’
by Venkat Ega
Godrej Interio
Upbeat has been a distinctive commercial success with our plants having to increase production capacity within months of its introduction

Today, the offices are shrinking in size, leading to mundane and claustrophobic workspaces. As workstations are isolated spaces, they tend to restrict free and collaborative thinking, bringing in a degree of rigidity in the work culture. It is therefore essential to make modern offices more personalized and have home-like ambience to make individuals feel at ease, leading to improved productivity.

Upbeat is designed to create a cheerful lifestyle and deliver intuitive functionality in the offices by being able to facilitate activity-based layouts in the limited floor space available.

The Upbeat solutions help create not just the primary work desks but also impressive and useful interactive and rejuvenating work zones. It blends superbly with Interio’s Social Office Hubble products as well as related interior elements through design language and colors to create joyful, visually attractive, and inspiring workspaces. In designing the Upbeat system, we faced many challenges; for instance, how to make office workers feel at ease in their personal workspaces. Another challenge was how to facilitate creative freedom and give much desired ‘autonomy’ to the office workers in configuring their workspaces. And lastly, the challenge was how to build in portability of furniture and have flexibility in layouts so that the gaps between various work zones are blurred to have a seamless flow of thoughts and people.The designer’s intent was to cleverly resolve product details and create a user-centric solution that provides enriching workspaces through modularity, flexibility, and a fresh visual appeal. One of the interesting core innovations of Upbeat is the system’s modular understructure. It is designed for quick assembly especially in different configurations. Options for the designs of desk legs are readily possible. Universal die-cast components effortlessly help connect various understructure elements. This innovation also offers the required precision, stability and long-term durability as expected from Godrej Interio.

As office devices are becoming increasingly portable, Upbeat work desks facilitate agile and ingenious layouts to have interactive and a productive work culture.

As an advanced product platform, the system of solutions assures lively and happier experiences through its unique features, even for the on-going crucial spatial distancing mandate for the health and safety of office people. Upbeat can be readily repurposed for changing needs in the future by using its compact Mobile desks and Power Beam configurations. Often, the users enquire if Upbeat is a cost-effective solution; the answer is a resounding ‘YES’. Upbeat provides an array of benefits to its users and stakeholders. It helps talent retention by providing personalized workspaces through intuitive and intelligent accessories that help them express their identity at work. The joy of working is enhanced at price points that are highly cost-effective. As they say ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’, Upbeat has been a distinctive commercial success with our plants having to increase production capacity within months of its introduction. We believe architects and facility managers are appreciating the value offered by Upbeat, especially when businesses are facing de-growth in their revenues and profits. Architects believe that the Upbeat System helps them create workspaces that are youthful and energizing to bring in much-required optimism in the work environment. Upbeat has emerged as a product of significance having two patents at the approval stage; one for cable management and second for modular flexibility. It has received several worthy certifications such as BIFMA LEVEL III, IGBC GREEN PRO, ‘GRIHA Certified Plus’s and others. Upbeat has also been the winner of several design awards such as the prestigious India Design Mark, the CII Design Excellence Award for Best-of-the-best in product design across all Indian products & in furniture specific category.

In a short span of time, Upbeat has become a milestone product in the timeline of office design.

It is an exceptional and highly relevant product platform, completely designed and delivered by Godrej Interio. CHANGE congratulates the Upbeat team for this outstanding product offering and wishes them success in their future efforts.